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Algorithm Development for Vision and X-ray Imaging

2D X-ray inspection

xray image pcb

Often neglected with the advances in 3D inspection technologies, sometimes it is the best solution for many problems. The reduced complexity but effective detection of solder quality and speed of analysis is sufficient to yield dividends in reducing and eliminating process defects.

Every PCB assembly inspection vendor needs a x-ray solution. As parts have become smaller, there is loss of access for validation. X-rays fill this picture well as it not only does the structural defects that vision can do but also ones that vision cannot penetrate such as BGA devices or other shielded parts.

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Benefits of X-ray Inspection

Please contact us with samples that you might want to analyze and the problems that you are facing. Let us find an appropriate solution that will fit your needs. X-ray inspection of PCB assembly can detect many defects only some of which are below: